LAB could be taking a big risk with ads like this

LAB could be taking a big risk with ads like this

Earlier today I did an online poll which I assume will be published in one of the Sunday papers focused on one big issue – Paterson and perceptions of corruption within the Tory party.

My guess is that there could be several such surveys out as those papers that only have a chance to report things once a week, the “Sundays”, try to find a suitable exclusive angle for themselves.

There’s little doubt that the events of the past few days have cut through and what the ex-MP for North Shropshire did is viewed in a bad light. No doubt there will be acres of newsprint devoted to what has been Johnson’s most difficult week as PM.

The latest move by LAB has been to highlight the “free holiday” that Johnson had with Zac Goldsmith – the ex-Tory MP who lost the last two elections out of three and then was made a peer by Johnson.

Meanwhile, Smarkets now have this market up

Mike Smithson

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