Vaccine refuseniks are like WW2 blitz blackout breakers

Vaccine refuseniks are like WW2 blitz blackout breakers

In 1940/41 when the German Bombing of British cities was at its height one of the big rules that everybody had to follow was the blackout. Any little light from a building, it was thought, could help enemy pilots to work out whether they were above populated areas where they could cause maximum damage.

The streets of the big cities were patrolled by blackout wardens and anyone not following the rules could find themselves facing criminal charges.

Everything was about survival and the rules were strictly enforced.

This, I suggest, is a good parallel for vaccine refusers. Simply by refusing to be jabbed they are not only putting themselves at greater risk but those they come into contact with. They are the modern version of Blitz blackout breakers and to my mind it is right that certain groups should have to be vaccinated no ifs and no buts.

I support Sajid Javid in his plans that NHS staff have to be vaccinated.

The UK has been vaccinating people for more than ten months and it is clear that this is safe. No excuses should be accepted.

CORRECTION: So far the UK Covid death toll is well in excess of estimated blitz victims of WW2 .

Mike Smithson

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