Has Biden’s Afghan move put the mockers on the 2024 nomination?

Has Biden’s Afghan move put the mockers on the 2024 nomination?

Even though 78 year old Biden has only been in office since January the speculation is starting to build around 2024. Is Biden, as some reports suggest, going to seek re-election in three years’ time when he will be in his early 80s.

The age factor is important because he is already the oldest president in US history and it is really quite hard to see how someone of such advanced years could handle the physical and mental challenges of the job. There have been recent times when in public he appears to have totally forgotten what he is doing.

I’m taking the Biden will run reports with a pinch of salt because if he was to say anything else at this stage then he would be a lame duck.

If he does decide to run how will former White House contenders and now part of the Biden administration, Harris and Buttigieg, respond? They clearly have their own ambitions and might stand aside from their roles to run against the incumbent for the nomination.

Now there is Biden’s controversial decision on Afghanistan to take into consideration. What polling there has been has not been good for the incumbent. A new CBS News/YouGov poll had 63% of Americans support removing U.S. troops from Afghanistan but just 47% approve of Biden’s handling of it.

On Betfair his WH2024 winner odds have moved out considerably since the controversial Afghan move and he is now out to just over a 20% chance.

Mike Smithson

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