The polling tide turning for the Tories?

The polling tide turning for the Tories?

Last night’s Redfield poll followed a week when the Tory lead was getting narrower and could suggest that things might be changing. As can be seen the CON lead went up to 7% compared with 4% the week before. The big thing about that poll was another very good share, 11%, for the LDs which compares with the 6% from Deltapoll only a few days before.

We’ll obviously have to wait for two or three more surveys before we can conclude that Redfield was a trend.

The other figures I always look at are the Johnson leader ratings. A week ago Redfield had a net minus 15% for the PM compared with the latest minus 2.

One to watch is Survation which last week had the Tory margin over LAB down to just 2%.

Mike Smithson

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