Johnson drops sharply in the August CONHome satisfaction ratings

Johnson drops sharply in the August CONHome satisfaction ratings


Time to be bet on a possible early exit?

Every month we have the Conservative Home satisfaction ratings of cabinet ministers and the big feature of the latest one is the position of the PM. He’s down since last month a massive 36% and has a net satisfaction rating of just 3.4.

As one of the many comments on the site put it “Boris should have learned the lesson from his predecessor. People don’t like dithering, and don’t like being played by politicians.”

The big question is whether, in the eyes of the party, Johnson can shake off the negatives following the revelation of his plan to avoid self-isolating by being part of a selective study.

This comes only weeks away from the start of the political conference season and it will be the reception he gets from the Tory gathering that could be crucial. As we saw with Thatcher and IDS if CON leaders are to be ousted it tends to take place in the weeks after the party conference.

Johnson badly needs his party’s and his own personal polling position to improve.

I have a bet at 15/1 that he’ll go this year.

Mike Smithson

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