Something to watch over the next few weeks?

Something to watch over the next few weeks?

One of my earliest memories of Scottish independence was back in 1992 when, the then Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party, Jim Sillars lost his seat in the general election and ranted about ’90 minute patriots’ aka part time SNP voters aka how long a football match lasts.

Ever since then in my mind the Scottish football team and Scottish independence have been inextricably linked. Now this really hasn’t been much of an issue since the ‘killing Scottish nationalism stone dead’ Scottish parliament opened in 1999 because Scotland didn’t qualify for a major tournament after that until the current Euros.

So I’m curious to see what, if anything, Scotland’s participation in Euro 2020 has on the Scottish independence voting figures. Sadly in the culture wars currently taking place we have traditional Scotland’s football team supporting Scots no longer supporting Scotland’s football team in part because as it is seen as support for Scottish independence.

I suspect support for Scottish independence will rise the most if England win Euro 2020 but there’s more chance of Boris Johnson being faithful or Piers Morgan becoming popular than England winning this year’s Euros.


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