The most depressing polling response I can recall

The most depressing polling response I can recall

I’ve never been more disheartened by a response to a poll than this poll. I think the GOP are becoming aware of the fact that they’ve only won the popular vote once in the last eight presidential elections. I try to use the word fascism sparingly but this is where the party of Lincoln is headed, but like many despots the GOP want to suppress their political opponents from challenging them. A confident party would want to focus on popular policies.

As others have observed, “The Republicans are laying the groundwork to refuse to certify a 2024 Democratic presidential victory should the GOP hold a House majority.”

Given the mess Betfair got themselves into during the last Presidential election gamblers may come to the conclusion that betting on the 2024 presidential election may turn out to be a nightmare as a mixture of GOP shenanigans and Betfair ambiguity may see their successful bets becoming losers.

I think I’ll stick to betting on who will win and lose the GOP and Dem nominations in 2024. I will review this strategy once the 2022 House of Representatives election has concluded.


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