The Boris vaccination poll “bounce” will evaporate unless those who’ve had both jabs start to see some benefit

The Boris vaccination poll “bounce” will evaporate unless those who’ve had both jabs start to see some benefit

Undoubtedly the government’s vaccination progress has been a great success and clearly has had a big impact on curbing the spread of COVID amongst the most vulnerable. All the signs are that the vaccines pretty are robust with the new variants as Johnson was boasting about at PMQs on Wednesday. On top of that the real-life efficacy of AZC jab has proved to be far in excess of that achieved in the early trials.

So why oh why are those who have had their two jabs subject to ludicrous controls of their travel? This is from  Annabel Fenwick-Elliott, senior comment editor, of the Telegraph which Number 10 needs to take notice of.

Decriminalising travel while at the same time putting almost every country in the ambiguous “amber” category and ordering people not to visit them makes a mockery of all of those who are striving to be sensible. It is hardly easy to visit even the tiny number of “safe” green-list countries, given the onerous testing regime. But the amber list has destinations on it that even the Foreign Office deems safe to travel to; the Spanish Canaries, for example, and the Greek islands, more than 50 of which have vaccinated their entire population… a family of four returning from one of the amber-listed nations – some statistically safer than their local supermarket – must, under this mad regime, spend hundreds of pounds on testing alone, then live in a state of house arrest for up to 10 days. Even, most mind-bogglingly of all, if they too have been vaccinated.

That the Telegraph is taking this line suggests that pressure on this point is going to increase. The more the vaccinated press against the restrictions the harder it will be for ministers.

The trio of Patel, Hancock and Johnson have controlled almost all aspects of our lives for the past 15 months now appear worryingly reluctant to ease up. It is as though they have become intoxicated by powers that they don’t have to account for.

The so called “vaccine passport” that was talked about months ago is now a reality. Just download the NHS app (oddly not the NHS COVID app) and you will find all your vaccine records there to be shown if you need to prove your status.

Things are in place to allow travel to start once again yet the nonsense over the amber list shows a reluctance amongst minister to make life easier for tens of millions.

Maybe the voters of Chesham and Amersham will have a view on this on June 17th.

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