Light the beacons of Gondor, Gavin Williamson may have just come up with a competent and popular policy

Light the beacons of Gondor, Gavin Williamson may have just come up with a competent and popular policy

We need to talk about betting on Gavin Williamson in the next Prime Minister & Tory leader markets.

Being seen as a professional Frank Spencer tribute act Gavin Williamson’s reputation for ministerial competence is lower than snake testes, so when he announced the very competent and popular policy (as evidenced in the tweets above) then it merits serious discussion because these things are rarer than an actual moment of historical accuracy in the film Braveheart.

The last two winners of the Tory party’s leadership election contests have had Gavin Williamson at the centre of their campaign teams but if Williamson starts to producing popular & competent policies on a regular basis allied with his campaigning skills in Tory leadership elections focussed on himself instead of someone else then we should start talking about Gavin Williamson as the next Tory leader and even the next Prime Minister.

We live in unusual times, in the past being sacked as Defence Secretary for being a disgraced national security risk would be a political career ender. Luckily for Williamson Boris Johnson is like Jesus Christ, the Prime Minister doesn’t mind publicly associating with socially unacceptable people, for Jesus it was lepers and prostitutes, for Boris Johnson it is disgraced politicians like Williamson.

In the last century the only Tory Chief Whip to go on and become Party Leader was Francis Urquhart Ted Heath so it is most uncommon thing, and I expect Gavin Williamson not to join the exalted company of Ted Heath, right now you can back Gavin Williamson at 159/1 and 199/1 in the next Tory leader and next Prime Minister markets respectively over on the Betfair Exchange, you could stick another two zeroes on to that and I still wouldn’t be tempted, even as trading bets.

If you want to bet on Gavin Williamson in the next PM and Tory leader markets you should be laying him like many of us have laid Brian Rose, Shaun Bailey, and Laurence Fox in the next London Mayoral market.


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