How will Boris be judged in future polling questions like this?

How will Boris be judged in future polling questions like this?

Above is some interesting polling from Ipsos – a question that the firm puts from time to time and no doubt in some future survey Boris will be on the list.

One of the things that is key in the way prime ministers are going to be judged after their terms of office is what was happening at the time. Churchill will always be rated very highly because of his courageous decision in the first week of May 1940 to carry on the fight and the way he led the country during WW2.

That was no use to him in the election that followed when LAB came to power in a landslide victory. Churchill did return to Number 10 from 1951 to 1955 but but his dogged determination to stay in post while seriously ill was in retrospect a mistake but it hasn’t tarnished his reputation from the war.

Maggie’s big moments were the 1982 Falklands war and of course her huge battles during the two miners strikes. She was then able to bring in huge programme of change of almost every aspect of what she inherited and won three general election victories. The poll tax, however, was a step too far and was booted out by her MPs.

Tony Blair also won three big general election victories but his reputation is still tarnished by his decision to back Bush by invading Iraq in the 2003 war.

There are many who describe the current pandemic as being the biggest crisis facing the nation since the war and Johnson has been able to acquire sweeping executive powers which are unparalleled since 1945. A lot for him depends on what happens after COVID is conquered when he will inevitably become more accountable for his actions something that he has never looked comfortable with.

On COVID his big plus has been his vaccination gamble while the big minus was his delay in bringing lockdown in just over a yer ago. Would there have been fewer deaths if he had acted earlier?

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