Could WH2024 be a re-run of Biden v Trump

Could WH2024 be a re-run of Biden v Trump

They are 2nd and 3rd in the betting

in an interview with CNN the 20212 Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, said that if Trump wanted to run again in 2024 he was sure that he would get the nomination. I think that this is right and that’s how the betting markets see it.

On the other side 78 year old Joe Biden has not ruled out a second term and in the betting he is second favourite behind Kamala Harris to be the WH2024 nominee.

My guess is that Biden has not made his mind up but if in two years he is happy with the progress he has made in the job then he could just contemplate such a decision. The big question is his health and the likely decline in his faculties as he gets older.

For his party Biden was an undisputed asset last November doing better in state after state than other Democratic candidates in lower ticket races. He also won by clear margins in the key states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Would a Harris be able to do as well?

If either Trump or Biden decided to run then they would both be in strong position to get their party nominations and other potential contenders would stand aside.

So I don’t think it is too fanciful to think that we could have a WH2020 re-run.

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