Trump’s desperate attempt to bully the Georgia Secretary of State shows the lengths he’ll go to hang on

Trump’s desperate attempt to bully the Georgia Secretary of State shows the lengths he’ll go to hang on

Make America Great Again – say goodbye to Trump

The big Trump news overnight has been the above attempt by the President to find a way of hanging on in there. Just listening to it he sounds desperate and there are on 16 days left till Biden’s inauguration.

Tonight Trump will now doubt bleat on again with his big electoral fraud lie at a rally in Georgia ahead of tomorrow’s runoff Senate election.

The day after there is what is normally a total formality during the transition between US presidents – the reporting of the certified results from the Electoral College to Congress. The EC made its judgement based on certified statement of the numbers from the Governors of each state before Christmas

Normally this part of the process is ceremonial because almost without exception the losers in Presidential elections acknowledge that fact and concede. But not this time. The emotionally retarded man-child Donald Trump appears unable to cope with the fact that he is a LOSER – his favourite term of abuse.

As we all know ever since the state results became clear at start of November Trump has campaigned hard and and fought in the courts to try to get the results overturned. So far more than 100 different judges, many of whom were appointed by Trump himself, have ruled that that his claims were baseless because there’s was no factual evidence to support that the outcome was fraudulent.

The formal reporting of the results to Congress is the last step in the process and the man-child incumbent has been putting huge pressure on GOP Representatives to find a way of stopping the inevitable.

This has all been too much for GOP Senate majority leader and former Trump loyalist Mitch McConnell who has made known his view that the Trump line is baseless. But quite a few others are going to seek to block the results.

It is suggested that their motive is the fear of what might happen to their future political careers if they don’t go along with the man-child. They are said to be concerned that Trump will continue to have a big influence on Republican politics and many will have to face primaries in 2022 in order to be GOP candidates at the midterms.

My guess is that those backing the man-child will be from strong Republican areas because the biggest hurdle for them for future elections is getting the backing of their party. The party primary is more important. In the swing states things are different.

Mike Smithson

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