I’ve just laid Trump at an 8% chance on Betfair

I’ve just laid Trump at an 8% chance on Betfair

The Betfair next President market continues to be totally potty and over the past 24 hours we have seen Trump’s chances move from 3% to an 8% one.

Quite what people are thinking who are backing Trump is hard to say. Just about all the incumbent’s efforts to declare the results a fraud have failed to get backing from within the Republican party.

Based on Betfair’s rules for the market it is nigh impossible, surely, for anyone else to be the winner though I have been careful to lay Trump rather than bet on Biden just in case something happened to the 78 year old.

If anybody is reading this on the other side of this bets like this I am sure many PBers would lover to hear their reasoning. I’ve risked £875 for a return of £70 which seems remarkable for a certainty and far far in excess of the possible interest I could earn

Mike Smithson

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