Now the Trump v Biden debate betting

Now the Trump v Biden debate betting

Overnight in the US, starting at 2am BST, is the first TV debate between Trump and Biden. This is a huge moment and could set the narrative for the remaining five weeks before election day. A TV audience of of tens of millions is expected

A key plank of the Trump campaign in recent months has been to try to suggest that 77 year old Biden does not have the mental capacity to be President. This means that they’ve set the bar rather low for Obama’s former VP.

The Trump campaign has also been trying to give the impression that their man has not been giving the debate the same level of preparation that previous contenders have put in. I’m sceptical. Remember that Trump’s major public role ahead of him becoming President was as a reality TV star. He is an accomplished performer and knows about preparation.

Biden, who took part in many debates during the primary contest, has the most recent experience of taking part in such events.

In the WH2020 betting on Betfair Biden is currently a 56% chance with Trump on 43%.

Mike Smithson

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