Scötterdämmerung. The Twilight of the Union?

Scötterdämmerung. The Twilight of the Union?

If you’re a (Scottish) Unionist then it isn’t looking good, the tweets above indicate the worrying issues facing the Union right now.

There’s some scope for hope, from this observer’s view it appears that debate is being framed as Scotland v. The Tories/Boris Johnson, with Scottish Labour and the Lib Dems absent from the debate. Once those parties join the debate we might see the arguments change.

However relying on a party led by Richard Leonard to be the Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher in your Waterloo to help you win, the reality of it is that Leonard is more of a Khalid bin Barghash, the man who led Zanzibar in the forty-two (yes 42) minute long Anglo-Zanzibar war.

I’m hoping others might stop moping and join the battle, former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has identified who need to come to terms with the reality as is.

Very bluntly put, if Scotland secedes then the remainder of the United Kingdom becomes even more Tory.

Things can look very different very quickly, things have gotten worse for the Unionists because of the perceptions around the handling of Covid-19 by Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson, but if the Oxford University vaccine turns out to be a success the perceptions on that handling might change.

So over to the University of Oxford, you might save the Union, which might go in part way apologising for inflicting, inter alia, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, Michael Gove, and Jeffrey Archer on us all.


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