With both Bernie and Biden close to their 80s their VP choices could be crucial

With both Bernie and Biden close to their 80s their VP choices could be crucial

We all know that the joint front runners now in the race for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are both older than anybody who has ever run for the White House before and there must be a high actuarial chance, at least, if it is one of these who is the nominee won’t make it until the election on the first Tuesday in November.

The corona virus is also making us aware of the vulnerability of the elderly particularly men.

So whoever the nominee picks as his vice presidential choice to appear on the ticket is going to have a greater chance of actually becoming president. Even during the campaign so far Bernie has had a heart attack which he has recovered from but he has steadfastly refused to release his medical records.

Biden, as we have seen repeatedly, often appears to have memory lapses when speaking in public and, indeed, as at the the debate last week talked about running for the Senate rather than the presidency. He also seems to get to the end of sentences having forgotten where where they had started.

Both men have given us some pointers already about the thinking on the VP slot. Biden has played up Kamala Harris the black senator from California who at one stage in The White House Race was favourite. She pulled out in November. In the past 24-hours Sanders has made clear that whoever joins him on the ticket should have the same commitment to his vision of healthcare in America. One obvious choice who is still in the race is Elizabeth Warren. There doesn’t seem to be that much difference between her and Bernie on the healthcare issue. She’s also nine years younger.

Warren has also accumulated a delegate total which she should add to today in the ten states which have their primaries. Those delegates could be helpful to Bernie if the race continues to be tight.

I have a long record over many White House races of losing money on the vice presidential choice so take my thoughts with a pinch of salt. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Bernie goes for Warren and Biden chooses Harris and that is where I have put a little bit of money.

Mike Smithson

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