Almost all the front pages are about the virus

Almost all the front pages are about the virus

Is now the time to panic?

This is probably the first big test for the Johnson government. How to handle the growing concern about the virus which is sweeping many parts of the world.

So far this has been less in UK than in some other European countries particularly Italy. But we live in a world where people do travel and interact and things can happen so fast.

It is starting to impact on things like the Rugby Six Nations which are taking place at the moment. The weekend’s match between Ireland and Italy has been postponed and you can can see it soon impacting on football particularly the top Premiership clubs with European interests. Then there are the Olympic games which are due to take place in Japan later in the year and which would normally command a worldwide audience and of course the Japanese have invested huge amounts in getting ready. Could that be postponed or cancelled?

As an ageing male I’m in the demographic that appears most vulnerable.

One thing we know is that this is an area where what governments do and do not do can have a big impact which is where politics comes in.

Mike Smithson

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