Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown – now being talked about as a compromise Dem candidate at a brokered convention

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown – now being talked about as a compromise Dem candidate at a brokered convention

My 250/1 bet today

In recent weeks, Democrats have placed a steady stream of calls to Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who opted against running for president nearly a year ago, suggesting that he can emerge as a white knight nominee at a brokered convention — in part on the theory that he may carry his home state in a general election. (Today’s New York Times)

A year ago, when the race for the White House in this year’s presidential election was still a long way off, I Began looking to the list of possible contenders and the one who stood out was senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. He’s in his early 60s, has a superb gravelly voice and comes over very well on television. He’s also in a key swing state that he could carry for the Democrats if he was the contender.

Brown also did well in Ohio in November 2018 holding his senate seat with a 7% margin.

At the time I bet on him at what looks now a ridiculous 25/1 on Betfair because to me he seemed to be one of the best of the possibles that were then being talked about. But it was not to be. Senator Brown decided that he would not put his hat into the ring.

Now he is back into the frame again following the above piece in today’s New York Times. I don’t think Brown would want to enter the race at this stage but it is possible that if there is a brokered convention anything could happen because the Democrats obviously need to have a candidate in the presidential election

So an hour ago I managed to put £5 on him at about 250/1 Betfair. Will it succeed? I don’t know but at long odds like that and given the state of the race then there is just a possibility.

The problem the party faces at the moment is that the one leading after the first three primaries is 78 year old Bernie Sanders who for most of his career has not been a Democrat but has always described himself as a Socialist. The worry is that he will be easy meat for the Trump campaign to attack. Sherrod Brown would be much more difficult.

Mike Smithson

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