Bernie back as favourite for the Dem nomination

Bernie back as favourite for the Dem nomination

Washington Post article could be hurting Bloomberg

The White House contender who was born three months before Pearl Harbour, Bernie Sanders, is back as the betting favourite for the nomination following a brief period when multi-billionaire, Mike Bloomberg, edged him out.

The other big feature has been the collapse in the betting of ex-VP and failure in Iowa and New Hampshire, Jo Biden. This is despite the fact that in several current national polls the ex-VP is still up there.

One factor that could be behind the tailing off of the Bloomberg prices is an extensive article in today’s Washington Post headed “Mike Bloomberg has for years battled women’s allegations of profane sexist comments”. Clearly the more he looks like getting the nomination then the more this could become an issue.

Bloomberg is staying out of the remaining February state contests in Nevada and South Carolina – the latter where Biden is pining his hopes.

Mike Smithson

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