The world is becoming even more partisan

The world is becoming even more partisan

Every so often we see some polling that much like the polling of Tory Party members last summer that saw a majority of Tory members will to countenance the destruction of the United Kingdom as well as significant damage to the economy to ensure their Brexit is delivered makes you go wow.

This polling from America which sees 62% of New Hampshire Democratic Party primary voters would prefer a meteor strike to wipe out all human life over Trump winning re-election produced a similar reaction from me to that polling of Tory Party members.

I mean we have a QAnon conspiracy theory pushing President, the same President who described protestors who chanted ‘Jews will not replace us’ as very fine people you can understand why Democratic Party primary voters feel the way they do.

We’re now living in an era that can be categorised as the end of the reason. I suspect one side goes low, the other side will not go high, but even lower, which ultimately means we all end up in the sewer.


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