YouGov’s first post GE2019 poll has the Tories 20% ahead

YouGov’s first post GE2019 poll has the Tories 20% ahead

From the Times

Something like this could provide the starting numbers for Starmer’s leadership

Clearly these are really excellent numbers for Johnson but partly this is explained by the almost total lack of opposition. The biggest battle that Johnson’s had to fight has been with his on party on his plans for Huawei.

For a party to extend its polling lead in the aftermath of a stonking general election victory has been seen before and will be seen again. It will take time for new leaders to be elected for LAB and the LDs for things to change.

What’s going to be worth watching will be the Best PM and leader ratings once, as seems likely, Starmer succeeds Corbyn on April 4th. My guess is that the new man will gain a big polling benefit by simply not being Corbyn.

Another question from YouGov is below on whether people will be doing anything special to mark Brexit on Friday.

As can be seen just 6% that say that they will be doing something to mark the event with 7% saying they probably will which seem to be low.

Mike Smithson

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