Which way will the Brexit trackers go after Friday?

Which way will the Brexit trackers go after Friday?

With “Brexit wrong” retaining its lead Johnson’s got to be careful about his tone on Friday

Today’s YouGov poll will probably be the last one before Britain leaves the EU on Friday evening. I do hope that the firm will continue its regular Brexit tracker question which has been put in the same way since the referendum in June 2016 .

As can be seen those thinking that Brexit is wrong are leading a situation that has existed for nearly 3 years. The big question is what is going to happen after it has actually happened? Are we going to see an acceptance of the move or are we going to see an increase in those thinking it was a mistake?

A lot depends on perceptions about the economy and the scale of benefits that are seen from being out of the EU. Whatever this will have a big impact on whether the Tories can win again. They are unequivocally the party of Brexit.

Mike Smithson

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