Starmer now firm odds-on favourite to succeed Corbyn

Starmer now firm odds-on favourite to succeed Corbyn

Inevitably the YouGov poll of Labour members that came out last night has had a big impact on the the Corbyn succession betting. That the former Director of Public Prosecutions who has only been MP since 2015 has such a clear leading the poll is impacting on the betting and it is hard seeing him being beaten.

Inevitably as well there has been the criticism of YouGov from some factions on the left who persistently criticise the firm. I think this is crazy and over the years as a gambler have relied on the firm particularly for leadership races where their record is very good.

YouGov has the biggest database for its online polling and when people join they are asked if they are members of political parties. This is what it has used for samples like in the latest poll.

The next step in this race is for Labour’s NEC to agree the rules and set out the timetable.

Mike Smithson

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