Bloomberg’s WH2020 bid looks serious and credible and it helps that he’s worth $50bn

Bloomberg’s WH2020 bid looks serious and credible and it helps that he’s worth $50bn

The multi-billionaire who wants to beat Trump

Above is one of the first WH2020 campaign ads for 77 year old Michael Bloomberg who announced at the weekend that we was running for the White House. His approach to the campaign for the Democratic is very different from his rivals.

Firstly, of course, he’s not having to bother with the tedious business of fundraising. He’s committed $150m of his own money to his campaign and clearly there is a lot more there if he needs it.

Secondly he’s not bothering with the four early primary states where the outcomes generally set the tone for the whole campaign. His focus is on March 3rd “Super Tuesday” This is when the delegate-rich states of California and Texas as well as twelve other are holding their primaries and is likely to be fairly decisive in determining who takes on Trump in November 2020.

For the other contenders Super Tuesday is a massive challenge simply because of the resource requirements that are needed to mount efforts across such a wide range of parts of the US. Bloomberg will be able to have a big presence in all because he’s got the resources.

Bloomberg, of course, is no stranger to the political world. As a Republican (he has since switched parties) he ran and won the New York Mayoralty in 2001 and went on to win re-election twice serving a total of 12 years.

His prime aim now appears to be to stop Trump and it is said he fears that if either Warren on Sanders was the nominee they would struggle to win the White House because they are too left-wing.

At the very minimum he is likely to accumulate enough delegates to give him a fairly big say over who will get the nomination if it is not him. 

He’s currently fifth favourite at 7% on Betfair for the nomination. I’ve had a punt.

  • I plan to be in California for Super Tuesday and will be doing PB posts from there

    Mike Smithson

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