The spreads move even more sharply to the Tories

The spreads move even more sharply to the Tories


The mood on the spread betting markets this morning has been sharply to the Tories with both LAB and the LDs seeing their projected seats numbers drop markedly.

This follows a weekend of good polling news for Johnson with LAB and the LDs seeing disappointing drops in their poll shares. The picture is all of Johnson heading for a comfortable working majority.

On Friday evening, as I reported here, I made my first big spread bet of the elections – a SELL of LAB seats at 210. As can be seen the sell level is now down below 200 and I could cash out of my position at a nice profit.

The LDs have no doubt been hit by the drop of 3% in the latest BMG poll and are in the mid teens.

What has happened is that Johnson seems to have stopped the flow of GE2017 CON remainers to the LDS. The majority are are sticking with their choice last time.

Of course everything, even more so in LD targets is down to what happens in individual seats and how the campaigning is going.

Mike Smithson

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