Fewer than half of Leave voters would consider a No Deal Brexit a success

Fewer than half of Leave voters would consider a No Deal Brexit a success

Leavers have played the expectations game over a deal very badly

One of my assumptions has been that after a period of sustained No Deal support for No Deal and Brexit would crater like a failed NASA mission to Mars and this poll seems show happiness for a No Deal Brexit starts from a lowish base.

Professionally speaking one of the earliest mantras I was always taught was ‘under promise and over deliver because success equals performance minus anticipation’ which is something Leavers have failed to do.

Vote Leave and the politicians that were a part of Vote Leave said during the referendum campaign, inter alia, after we vote to Leave the following would happen ‘We [would] have a new UK-EU Treaty based on free trade and friendly cooperation. There is a European free trade zone from Iceland to the Russian border and we will be part of it’.  

Bullet point four on this leaflet from Vote Leave is pretty clear as well that voters should expect a deal.

Then there’s the Leavers that that said Brexit deal  “should be one of the easiest in human history” or the one that said ‘The day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want’ or the time our current Prime Minister said ‘There is no plan for no deal, because we’re going to get a great deal.’ but there really isn’t the bandwidth to list all the times Leavers said we’d get a deal and it would be easy because the EU needed us more than we needed them, that anyone who said otherwise was engaging in Project Fear.

All this expectation and promises made a deal seem inevitable no wonder voters see No Deal as a failure.


PS – This video is how I imagine Brexiteers, played by Tom Hiddleston meeting the reality of No Deal, played by The Incredible Hulk



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