LAB drops to record low in latest YouGov Times poll

LAB drops to record low in latest YouGov Times poll

Paying the price for its Brexit equivocation?

It is not often outside election campaigns for a paper like the Times to make its main story it a Westminster voting intention poll from its own pollster. But that is the case this morning as YouGov find Labour dropping to just 18% and into fourth place in the party rankings.

It is true to say, as no doubt will be pointed out, that over recent months YouGov has been producing lower figures for the Labour share than other polling firms. But it is also worth pointing out that all the other firms over-stated Labour, some by substantial amounts, at the Euro elections only 6 weeks ago.

The problem, of course, is Brexit and the reluctance of Corbyn and his team to have a policy on the major issue of the day which is in line what the vast majority of Labour voters at the last election want.

The red team has also not been helped by the strong revival of the Lib Dems who had been floundering for more than 4 years following the ending of the Coalition. In the Euros Cable’s party came second and, of course, came top in the traditional LAB stronghold of London.

In the past the Lib Dems have not looked credible because they’ve polled so poorly. Now the party is doing well that takes away that disincentive for Labour voters to back them.

I just wonder how long the Corbyn leadership can last. He seemed so secure in his position following his election and then the failed coup against him a year later. But now things are changing.

Most LAB voters don’t want Brexit which is not the policy of the Corbyn team.

Mike Smithson

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