The extraordinary betting collapse of Michael Gove

The extraordinary betting collapse of Michael Gove chart of movement on the Betfair exchange

From 2nd favourite to a longshot in just a couple of days

The big political news over the weekend has been the the reaction to Michael Gove’s statement that he had in the past taken cocaine. Although other runners for TMay’s job have made similar admissions about their drug-taking pasts the Gove one has had the biggest impact. Maybe this is because it was about cocaine.

I wonder whether this will all blow over or whether he really is out of the race.

The current Johnson strategy is to keep himself at all costs away from doing TV interviews with all the risk that would involve of him making a gaffe. He only needs to sustain this for the next fortnight and he could end up with being one of the two on the ballot that goes to members.

For me the contender that has most impressed has been Rory Stewart and I thought the way he was ready to take on Johnson over some of his comments was smart. But he is very much an outsider and however well he was making his points he doesn’t get the attention of some of the others.

Mike Smithson

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