The Saturday evening open thread

The Saturday evening open thread

Video – The highlights of the greatest comeback since Lazarus

Tonight’s Champions League final and Mike’s holiday means PB isn’t going to edited in the usual way this weekend, so it’ll feature open threads like this and threads written well in advance.

So if any major does happen this weekend, I’m not ignoring I’ll eventually cover it.

If we get any polls this weekend it’ll be interesting to see if they match the pattern of YouGov with the Lib Dems first, if they do, I’m sure Nigel Farage will continue to cry like a baby and moan about Fake Polling by the same pollsters who overstated the Brexit party in the Euros last week are trying to do his party down.

No wonder Farage and Trump get on so well, they love to whip up fake grievances, they are two cheeks of the same arse, to paraphrase another Brexit party supporter.


PS – For my fellow Liverpool fans, were we to lose tonight to Tottenham Hotspur look on the bright side, Piers Morgan, will have a worse night than us. I’m sure the lifelong Arsenal fan will really enjoy Tottenham winning the European Cup/Champions League before his beloved Arsenal.¬†

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