PB Video Analysis: The Changing Nature of Work

PB Video Analysis: The Changing Nature of Work

In the old days, careers would be long, mortgages cheap and job titles easy to understand. But the nature of working is changing. Our grandparents would struggle to understand what we do… YouTuber, anyone?

Income inequality has risen. Job security has disappeared. Is this the result of rapacious capitalists? Is it because of globalist politicians and George Soros? Or are there fundamental forces at work: do the people who employ us just know too much about our economic output?

Computers, the Internet and smartphones have combined to allow the value of our economic output to be constantly measured. This brings insecurity and inequality. Politicians have tried to legislate the effect of employers having ever greater knowledge, but to no avail. The veil of ignorance, once discarded, can never be worn again.

In this video, I’m talking about the changing nature of work.

Robert Smithson

Robert tweets as ‘@MarketWarbles’

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