The efforts to undermine Obamacare – the soft underbelly of Trump’s electoral position

The efforts to undermine Obamacare – the soft underbelly of Trump’s electoral position

Taking away what’s become an entitlement is politically dangerous

On the first anniversary of the Senate defeat of Trump’s health care repeal,and just three months before the crucial midterm elections, a new Public Policy Polling survey finds a majority of voters want to support candidates for Congress who oppose repealing the Affordable Care Act. This was brought in under Obama in 2010 and has provided health provision for millions of Americans.

By 56% to 40% those sampled said they’d support a generic Democrat for Congress who supports the act and wants to improve it, over a generic Republican candidate for Congress who wants to repeal it. Amongst voters aged 65+ this lead expands to 19 points (56/37).

The survey, published overnight, finds that voters trust Democrats over Republicans and President Trump on health care by 13 points (55/42). With women the gap is 22 points and independents 57/35. Although Republicans appear to have remained solidly behind Trump it is those describing themselves as the latter who the White House should most worry about.

The problem here, of course, is that once something becomes available it takes on the status of an entitlement and you interfere with that at your peril. The original measure was probably the biggest thing that Trump’s predecessor achieved and the thing that the current incumbent wants to undermine.

Trump failed with getting legislation through but healthcare in the US is being undermined by a series of executive measures.

This is most highlighted in the poll’s findings on those with pre-existing conditions. The survey found 64% of voters oppose the Trump administration joining a lawsuit which would strike down ACA’s protections for such groups. Only 19% of voters support backed this.

When the NHS was being established in the UK 70 years ago the Conservatives were against. When Churchill was returned to power in 1951 his government was smart enough to leave it in place – a lesson perhaps for the President.

On Betfair punters currently make it a 53% chance that the Democrats will win back the House in November’s elections.

Mike Smithson

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