Moggy ousts Jezza as next PM betting favourite

Moggy ousts Jezza as next PM betting favourite

The father of 6 who has never changed a nappy now a 16% chance – Corbyn 14%

Over the weekend there has been a big change on the next prime minister betting market on Betfair. The long-standing favourite since the general election, Mr Corbyn, has now slipped to second place behind Jacob Rees-Mogg who is attracting a lot of betting support at the moment for both the CON leadership and the next occupant of Number 10.

Rees-Mogg has been the favourite for some time for next CON leader but it ha been quite amazing that Corbyn has retained his top betting slot for so long. It has been blindingly obvious that it is very difficult for Corbyn to be next prime minister before the next general election. There simply aren’t the MP numbers there on the Labour side and the Fixed Term Parliament Acts makes an early election much harder to achieve

The rise of Moggy, who has never even been a minister, and the talk of an imminent challenge to Mrs May has changed betting sentiment.

There is no doubt that he has the big momentum at the moment and he would surely prosper well with the elderly male oriented CON membership if he could garner the votes of enough CON MPs to make the final two.

At the moment there is no contest and Mrs May remains in place.

Mike Smithson

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