What now for Damian Green?

What now for Damian Green?

The morning after the night before and the big question surely is what is Damian Green going to do now?

That it is clear that he did not go voluntarily and that many of his parliamentary colleagues believe that it was wrong for him to be pushed out based on the way the police have acted all adds to the potential difficulties ahead.

The Tweets above just about sum up the potential issues. He’s a remainer, knows a lot of what has been going on in government over the past two years and, of course, could feel betrayed by his former close friend from his Oxford days, the prime minister Mrs May.

My guess is that always felt that that relationship would save him in the end. That it hasn’t really does open Pandora’s Box.

It looks as though he is not going to go quietly that has the potential to cause many problems for the government and Mrs May.

Mike Smithson

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