Support growing for another EURef in an unlikely publication – the Brexit backing Spectator

Support growing for another EURef in an unlikely publication – the Brexit backing Spectator

Ladbrokes 5/1 on EURef3 might be value

The Survation MoS poll on Sunday had what was a surprise result the should there be another Brexit referendum question was put. By a margin of 16% those sampled said they wanted one.

This has long been been a call from the former LD leader and Deputy PM, Nick Clegg and today there’ support for the concept in a surprising publication – the Speccie.

Ross Clark argues that agreeing to such a move might be the only way that the Tories can survive the current political turmoil.

He writes:

As is clear from polls at the weekend there is a lot of public anger, as well as disquiet on the Tory backbenches, at the size of the £40 billion leaving bill. If, as seems inevitable, the result of this week’s negotiations is that the government agrees to some kind of continuing regulatory alignment with the EU after Britain has left the bloc, that disquiet is only going to grow. The Prime Minister is going to find herself squeezed between two very unhappy Conservative flanks: between those who don’t want to leave the EU at all, and those who want to leave properly.

The only way she is going to resolve this, and therefore survive in office, is to announce that at the end of the negotiations there will be a second referendum with three choices on the ballot paper. Voters will be able to approve the deal which the government has made with the EU, to reject it and leave the EU without a deal, or to remain

His suggestion of three options on the ballot is interesting with voters being invited to express a first and second preference vote. If none of the options secures 50% of the vote then the least-favoured option should be dismissed and the second preferences taken into account.

I’m not sure about this which seems designed to deal with Tory splits but so be it. My guess is that it would divide the Leave vote.

Ladbrokes are offering 5/1 on there being another Brexit referendum. That might just be a value bet.

Mike Smithson

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