Toxic Theresa’s ratings hit rock bottom with Ipsos MORI

Toxic Theresa’s ratings hit rock bottom with Ipsos MORI

My view has been to not just focus on the voting intention figures but look at the supplementaries as well as they give a better point to how a general election might pan out, in June if you had focused solely on the leadership ratings and the direction of travel therein you would have seen the Tories were not on course for a majority, as Theresa May’s lead over Corbyn was smaller than David Cameron’s lead over Ed Miliband in April/May 2015.

The leadership figures are quite damning for Theresa May considering where they were a few months ago and her eye watering leads over Corbyn. Not since Gordon Brown and the election that never was can I recall such a spectacular fall for a Prime Minister.

Ipsos MORI note

The new Political Monitor also asks the public about the image of both the Conservative and Labour parties. Nearly three-quarters (73% – up 21 points since last year) see the Conservatives as ‘divided’, which compares with the party’s worst score when David Cameron was Prime Minister of 68% in 2013. Twenty-seven percent also say the Conservatives have a “good team of leaders”, down 20 points and again lower than David Cameron’s worst score in 2012 at 36%, and 43% say they are “fit to govern”, down 10 points.

When it comes to Labour they have generally overall improved their positive images over the last year however their ratings are mostly either shy of or not much better than they were under Ed Miliband’s leadership. 

The budget was seen as a net positive for the country (net +3%), but not for individual voters (net -1%). For those hoping Michael Gove becomes Chancellor or even First Lord of the Treasury the polling seems to confirm he’s not very popular with the electorate, even among Tory voters.



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