If Damian Green goes that could put massive pressure on the PM

If Damian Green goes that could put massive pressure on the PM

The political friendship between Theresa May and Damian Green goes back more than three decades to their time as students together in Oxford. He served in the Home Office with her and it was no surprise that Green was appointed a Cabinet minister in July 2016.

It was to him that she turned to after GE17 disappointment when her key aides. Timothy and Hill, had to quit. He was promoted to First Minister making him the effective PM deputy and the one who stands in for the PM at PMQs when she is away.

Green has played a key role in buttressing up May’s position since then and has looked increasingly confident and powerful but always totally loyal to his boss. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was a Remainer he’d have been seen as a good prospect to succeed her.

In normal times Green would have played a big role in dealing with the sleaze scandal that’s dominating politics at the moment but now he has been dragged into it himself in two articles in the Times this morning.

I still think that she’ll survive but this will be taking a huge toll on her personally. I have, however, written off my 70/1 bet on Green being next CON leader.

Mike Smithson

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