Don’t EU want me?

Don’t EU want me?

YouGov have released some pan-European polling when it comes to how some of our EU allies would view us remaining in the EU.

YouGov note

New YouGov Eurotrack data reveals that it is not just the British public that want the UK to leave the European Union; French people want Brexit, too.

A  plurality of people in France say they would rather that Britain left the EU than stayed in it (38% to 32%). Of the six EU nations surveyed, only in France and Britain did more people say they wanted Britain to leave than stay (in Britain those figures were 47% and 43% respectively).

By contrast, over six in ten (62%) Danes want Britain to stay in the EU, as do a majority of Swedes (56%) and Finns (51%), and approaching half (49%) of Germans. Support for Britain leaving rested at just 18-25% in these countries.

The Duke of Wellington observed ‘We always have been, we are, and I hope that we always shall be, detested in France’ so he would have been delighted with such polling, but one of the aspects of Brexit that is seldom discussed is would the EU want us to Remain (or Rejoin in the future.)

YouGov also what the reaction would be if the UK decided to the stay in the EU, apart from Gallic indifference, the countries polled would be mostly positive.

The UK is leaving the EU however this YouGov poll does indicate there might be support across the wider EU, and especially in Germany, to make the UK a final offer to Remain, which might change the situation in the UK, the Government and the wider Leave and Remain movements should be prepared for such a outcome. To quote The Human League, I think it’s much too late to find, you think you’ve changed your mind, you’d better change it back or we will both be sorry


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