Corbyn’s the one that’s most out of line with his party on Brexit

Corbyn’s the one that’s most out of line with his party on Brexit

YouGov Aug 1 2017 poll

The contradiction can’t continue

While all the focus has been on the leadership machinations within the Conservative Party Labour is getting a free ride at the moment.

One things that Theresa May has got right is that her position is very much in line with the party support base as the the latest YouGov BREXIT tracker shows.

Corbyn’s view on the biggest issue of all is not shared by his voters or, as recent polling has shown, the party’s membership.

Once the post GE2017 red team celebrations have calmed this is going to become increasingly apparent. The coming parliamentary session is going to be dominated by the negotiations and the repeal repeal that there will come a time surely where Corbyn’s ambivalence will become a big issue.

    Just because Corbyn has got away with being out of line so far doesn’t mean it will continue.

In the election campaign Labour was never subject to proper scrutiny because the widespread assumption was that the party was irrelevant. The Tories were going to be returned with a big majority.

As the BES polling showed opposition to Brexit was a big driver of the Labour vote.

PaddyPower have a market on which of May and Corbyn will quit first. The former is 1/12 while Corbyn is 6/1. He could be the value bet.

Mike Smithson

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