The pressure ratchets up on beleaguered Theresa

The pressure ratchets up on beleaguered Theresa

Devastating from ex-CON MP Matthew Paris

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If she can survive this she can survive anything

As a general rule the best bet when all the clamour is for someone to quit is to gamble that they’ll stay in post.

Never underestimate the resilience of those who’ve climbed to be the top of the greasy poll of politics. They wouldn’t be there if their first thought was to quit when the going gets tough.

We saw this last weekend when TMay resolutely stayed in post on spite of being the sole architect of the disastrous Tory outcome at the general election. To go into an election three years early when she already had a majority was an incredible misjudgement.

We all know what happened. She went to the 1922 Committee and told them that she was the one who’d got the party into this situation and would be the one to get them out.

Extraordinarily Tory MPs believed her and showed their acclamation in the usual fashion.

Then along came the London tower block disaster and her response raised the questions about her that some had highlighted it in the campaign.

Is she going to survive and remain at Number 10? It is getting hard seeing her do it.

Mike Smithson

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