Corbyn now Betfair favourite to be PM after TMay

Corbyn now Betfair favourite to be PM after TMay

The LAB leader now a 21% as BoJo chances edge downwards

With BoJo’s comments on fire-brigade cuts while he was Mayor going viral on social media and the assured visit to the Grenfell Tower scene by Corbyn yesterday there’s been a reaction on the PM after TMay betting market on Betfair.

The LAB leader, rated as a 21% shot has now edged to the favourite slot as punters evaluate the impact of the tragedy on the current precarious political scene.

It is conceivable that TMay doesn’t get a majority for her Queen’s Speech next week and even if she does her hold on power will inevitably be very fragile.

One aspect of the DUP’s position that we haven’t taken into account is how keeping TMay in power will impact on their political position in Northern Ireland. Could the Tories be too toxic for them?

Mike Smithson

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