Now the speculation is that these could be TMay’s final days as PM

Now the speculation is that these could be TMay’s final days as PM

This is a frenzied and volatile period in Britain politics and inevitably questions are being raised about TMay’s future. Next week sees the start of the BREXIT negotiations with the EU and, of course, TMay’s first big parliamentary test – the Queen’s Speech when her government’s legislative programme is announced by the monarch and later voted on by MPs.

Alongside all of this we now have tragic fire at Grenfell Tower and a wave of criticism of TMay for her reaction to it. This magnified what many are saying is a big problem – the fact that she appears so ill at ease when meeting and talking with ordinary people.

One of the striking things about the Tory party is how ruthless it can be in disposing of failing leaders. I wonder whether we are about to see a repetition of October 2003 when IDS lost a confidence motion vote amongst MPs and, almost seamlessly, Michael Howard being the only candidate in the leadership election that followed.

If a similar thing was to happen my guess is that either Phillip Hammond or David Davis would be seen as the safe pair of hands.

Whatever things need to happen fast given what’s on the agenda for next week.

Mike Smithson

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