How Mr. Trump could be booted out quickly without impeachment

How Mr. Trump could be booted out quickly without impeachment

A good guide for Trump exit year punters

So far quite a few bookies have got markets up on which year Trump will cease to be President. The options range from this year, 2017, until January 2025 which is when he would leave the White House after securing and serviing a second full term.

But he’s made enough waves in his first few days for consideration to be given to the betting possibilities of him going earlier. These are the William Hill latest odds.

Anybody betting in these markets needs to consider the ways that could cause an earlier exit. Firstly there’s his health and we must remember that he’s 70 years old. Secondly there the possibility of impeachment but as we saw during the Clinton second term that’s offers little certainty.

He could, of course, fail to win the 2020 White House race in which case his exit year would be 2021.

But what about other routes? The above video made by Keith Olbermann is a good explanation of another constitutional way of forcing him to step down early. If that route was to be followed it would be driven by the politics at the time. Like all incoming Presidents Trump’s first really big electoral test will be mid-terms. These come round in November 2018,. If enough Republicans in the House and the Senate consider that he’s a threat to their political careers then something like the above process might happen.

At the moment I am biding my time and am not betting.

Mike Smithson

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