Brace yourselves for the right wing version of Momentum

Brace yourselves for the right wing version of Momentum

A UKIP split could allow Mrs May to go for a soft Brexit without experiencing an electoral cost.

Today’s Times are reporting (££)

Ukip’s most high-profile donor hopes to start a new movement or party designed to “keep the Tories clean”.

Arron Banks, an insurance tycoon and co-founder of Leave.EU, is canvassing supporters of the Brexit campaign he financed. He said he wants to create a “right-wing Momentum”, a version of the hard-left network of Jeremy Corbyn supporters that has gained increasing influence over Labour.

He added that “almost 50 per cent of people surveyed” among Leave.EU’s supporters are interested in participating in a new movement. He did not rule out such an organisation becoming a registered political party that could field candidates at elections.

After the EU referendum and David Cameron’s resignation, Leave.EU endorsed Andrea Leadsom for Conservative leader, the first sign that the campaign group would seek to influence Tory party politics.

This is all very interesting, and it could shape the future of UK politics, if the Brexit right are split by infighting and discord it may allow Mrs May to go for a softer Brexit than many leavers might be happy with.

Instead of shouting betrayal at Mrs May the likes of the old UKIP and new UKIP might well be focused on shouting ‘betrayal’ at each other, the former would cost the Tories vote at the general election, the latter wouldn’t.

That said, I thought the ructions between Vote Leave and Leave.EU would be a hindrance to the Leave side during the referendum, but Leave still won.

The footage below is what a future Arron Banks/Nigel Farage right wing Momentum Group taking on UKIP will look like. (NSFW.)


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