Corbynus interruptus would destroy Tory hubris about 2020 immediately

Corbynus interruptus would destroy Tory hubris about 2020 immediately

Just look at the above tweets, coupled with various ministers at the DWP arguing publicly over how good/bad IDS was. In normal circumstances the way the Tory party is currently acting over the  EU and IDS’s attack on the government not helping the poor, and the cherry on the parfait, allies of Cameron welcoming a leadership challenge, you wouldn’t want to put a single penny on them winning the 2020 general election, yet they are still the overwhelming favourites to win in 2020.

Why is that? Two words, Jeremy Corbyn. As someone who campaigned for the Tories at the last general election I know how badly Ed Miliband went down with the voters in marginal seats. I can confidently predict Jeremy Corbyn will go down even worse with these voters, and will make Ed Miliband look like Tony Blair in terms of electoral success.

Now if Labour were to replace Corbyn with say former Army Major Dan Jarvis, all those attacks about Labour being a bunch of terrorist sympathisers and a risk to national security would be rendered impotent, with IDS providing the attack lines for Labour to say the Tories effectively are kicking the poor and only concerned with looking after Tory voters, Labour would have a very good chance at winning the 2020 election, especially if the Tory reputation for economic competence is damaged by then.

If Labour don’t replace Corbyn before the 2020 general election I suspect future historians will be amazed at their failure to do so, the 2020 general election is Labour’s for the taking if they were led by a decent, popular leader without the flaws of Corbyn. Right now the 2020 general election is shaping up to be the resistible force meets the moveable object.


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