The EURef campaign looks set to come down to Cameron versus the Tory press

The EURef campaign looks set to come down to Cameron versus the Tory press


Can Dave really win the argument in the face of this?

Thanks to Guido for his collage of today’s front pages of the Tory papers following the negotiations on Britain’s future relationship with the EU.

This must be the worst set of front pages for Cameron since the media turned on him in July 2007 at the start of Gordon Brown’s honeymoon as Prime Minister. Then the following two months became a nightmare and in September his Ipsos-MORI ratings dropped to a position that is worse than what Corbyn is experiencing at the moment.

This comes as the BREXIT campaign remains all over the place without a leader and two competing organisations still fighting over which should be the official one for the referendum campaign.

It also comes at a time when few major figures in the Tory party have been ready to put their heads above the parapet and say they are backing LEAVE.

    Maybe this level of hostility will cause some senior Tories to conclude that their political careers would be better served by opposing the PM rather than supporting him.

Yesterday, of course, Theresa May indicated her backing for the deal – a move that was seen as a blow for the BREXIT effort.

It has always been said that Cameron is at his best when his back is to the wall. That theory will be tested in the next few months.

Today’s PMQs should be interesting.

Mike Smithson

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