How much should those with 33/1 Sadiq Khan vouchers cover themselves on a Zac victory?

How much should those with 33/1 Sadiq Khan vouchers cover themselves on a Zac victory?


A betting position that’s very nice to be in

Back in March 2013 Henry G Manson gave what might prove to be one of the best ever political betting tips here when he said get on Sadiq Khan, then at 33/1, for next London Mayor.

At the time other Labour figures were seen as having better chances of being selected as candidate for the next Mayoral election. Henry G, with his great knowledge of how LAB works, thought differently and made a strong case for Khan. This was his key point from nearly three years ago.

What puts Sadiq Khan in such a great place for this contest is that Ed Miliband also made him Shadow Minister for London two months ago. This remit will enable him to meet, speak, campaign, engage with the whole London electoral college for this selection ahead of elections in 2014 and the general election a year later. The unions played a large role in these selections and would likely to lean more towards Khan more than Lammy.

That all worked out exactly as Henry envisaged and those like me who took his advice could be in for a nice payday. I’ve got £100 on Sadiq at an average of 33/1 and I can’t work out whether to ensure that I end up a substantial winner whatever the outcome by investing part of my projected Khan profits on Zac.

Looking at the polling this is relatively tight but Khan currently has the edge. This is, of course, a low turnout general election and the Tory plan will be to follow Lynton Crosby’s two successful Boris campaigns by putting a lot of focus in the outer boroughs where higher turnout levels are likely.

I don’t see either contender having the same personal following of Boris Johnson or even the 2000 version of Ken.

The big London issue, Heathrow expansion, has been neutralised with both Zac and Sadiq being against.

I know quite a few PBers took Henry’s advice in 2013 – what are they doing?

Mike Smithson

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