YouGov Democrat debate polling finds Hillary getting big boost from this week’s event

YouGov Democrat debate polling finds Hillary getting big boost from this week’s event


It’s becoming harder to see how she can be beaten for the nomination

By far the biggest political betting story at the moment is the fight for the presidency of the United States. Although the election itself is 13 months away we are now going through the early stages of the party jostling as both Democrat and Republican hopefuls try to position themselves ahead of the primaries which start in February.

This week saw the first TV debate for the Democratic contender which attracted an audience of 15.3 million on CNN – the biggest ever recorded. The Republican contest is also attracting an extremely large amount of interest and record TV audiences.

We’ve now got the first post debate Democratic polling and the numbers look positive for Hillary Clinton who for the past few months had begun to struggle.

YouGov for Huffpost found 55% of registered Democrats saying they thought she had been the winner with 22% saying Bernie Sanders.

Before the Debate 44% of those Democrats polled said they wanted Clinton to win the nomination. Post debate that had increased to 52%.

Another poll from Gravis Marketing found 72% of Democrats saying they had a more favourable view of Hillary Clinton after the debate than before.

On Betfair the Hilary price has shortened very sharply since Wednesday. She had been about 1.5 and is now in to 1.31 which equates to her being rated as a 76% chance.

In October we have the 3rd Republican primary debate where the property billionaire, Donald Trump, continues to make the running over established political figures like Jeb Bush and senator Mario Rubio.

Mike Smithson

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