The pollsters might have to start applying a shy Labour filter

The pollsters might have to start applying a shy Labour filter

Whilst Mr Corbyn is leader we might expect to see some shy Labour voters

Judging by the opening attacks from the Conservatives greeting Jeremy Corbyn election as Labour leader you get the feeling Corbyn’s victory was foretold in The Book of Revelation somewhere between The Seven Headed Dragon and The Whore of Babylon.

This is because one of Lynton Crosby’s mantras for winning election being

Frame the choice and set the parameters or your opponent will

A campaign is a choice. You need to be deliberate in the way you define yourself and what you believe in, as well as how you define your competitor or opponent (and have the evidence to back it up).

You need a simple story that explains what you’re trying to achieve in terms that are relevant to people.

Your story needs to be positive and differentiating.

As the above tweet shows coupled with this youtube video released yesterday the Conservatives are going to frame the choice as Corbyn being a risk to the country and the voters whilst they are the safe option, that the voters cannot choose the economic/personal/security apocalypse that Corbyn would bring as Prime Minister.

It might well be that voters find some of Jeremy Corbyn’s past (and maybe his current) pronouncements distasteful but they find overall package appealing, such as re-nationalising the railways. The voters might think for example the benefits of Corbyn and McDonnell’s tax policies outweighs the negatives of their past meetings with Sinn Fein and comments about the IRA.

You can understand why voters might be shy in admitting they are voting for a party led by a man nicknamed “Jezbollah” by his opponents.  So when you next see an opinion poll ask yourself which party will be the voters be most shy about admitting voting for? For the first time in a long time it might just be Labour not the Conservatives.


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