The first polling verdict is in

The first polling verdict is in

Survation have carried out a poll for the Mail on Sunday and it finds

Jeremy Corbyn is not fit to be Prime Minister and most voters are less likely to vote Labour at the next General Election with him as leader. 

Many believe his victory means Labour will lose the next TWO elections.

That is the finding of a Survation poll for The Mail on Sunday, launched immediately after the result of the Labour leadership contest was announced yesterday.

Corbyn loses a head-to-head ‘Prime Ministerial’ rating contest with David Cameron by 44 per cent to 27 per cent. Asked if Corbyn is fit to be Prime Minister, a third say no, against a quarter who say yes. One in seven Labour voters says he is not fit to take charge of Number 10.

The poll suggests Corbyn’s win could leave Labour out of power until 2030. A total of 39 per cent say Labour is heading for defeat in the next two Elections, expected to take place in 2020 and 2025, nearly double the 22 per cent who disagree. One in four Labour voters believes Labour is likely to be out of power for more than one future election.

A total of 24 per cent of voters say Corbyn’s victory means they will be less likely to vote Labour; 18 per cent are more likely. Among Labour supporters 30 per cent are more likely and 15 per cent less likely.

Despite threats by some Labour MPs to oust Corbyn, 33 per cent of voters say he will lead the party into the next election; 21 per cent say he will not. About one in eight Labour supporters says he will have been replaced by then.

A total of 1,031 took part in the online survey.

This fits in with the polling conducted during the leadership election that showed Corbyn might not appeal to the voters Labour needs to retake power in 2020.


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