ComRes phone poll sees Labour up 3 and UKIP down 3

ComRes phone poll sees Labour up 3 and UKIP down 3

Another poll without a budget boost for the Tories

As we’ve seen with some other pollsters, the big two are increasing their share of the vote, and UKIP falling back, as ComRes notes

This represents the highest combined two-party vote share since September 2013. Individually, it is Labour’s highest share for six months and the Conservatives’ highest since November 2012.

UKIP sees its vote share fall three points to 10%, the lowest in a ComRes phone poll in more than a year (December 2013). It also reflects a relatively rapid decline for the party, falling from their peak of 19% as recently as last October.

On the Economy

As we’ve seen with other pollsters, voters see the Tories doing better for the economy as a whole, than they are for the voters, but the voters prefer to see Cameron and Osborne in charge of the economy than the two Eds.

On what the voters see as important on helping them decide how to vote

There is some hope for the Tories, who had hoped to have pulled away from Labour by now, 77% of voters think the following is important in helping them decide on how to vote. The party with the leader I think will make the best Prime Minister. As discussed at length, David Cameron leads Ed Miliband on many leadership qualities.

But then again, James Callaghan led Margaret Thatcher on a similar question in 1979, and he still lost the election.

Methodology note: ComRes interviewed 1,001 GB adults by telephone between 20th and 22nd March 2015. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. Data were also weighted by past vote recall.



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